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hi Sanjiwana,

you must also put a "result_fields" in your metadata for your search layer
(so results will display). there is also "fields" which can be used to
re-label the heading of the displayed results in the interface.

here is an example :

    "QUERYABLE" "true"
    "DESCRIPTION"   "Township-Range-Section"
    "FIELDS" "T_R:T-R-S"

hopefully this is helpful,


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> excuse me, i currently new to ka-map, i want to ask about search function
> on ka-map, i have succeeded to display my mapfile by modifying config.php
> file and had been succeeded to activate atributes querying by adding
> "queryable" and "searchfield" information. my problems appear from search
> function in ka-map that wont display the result for search. are there any
> special steps to enable search function in kamap? i prefer steps that wont
> dealing with postgis beacause the programs keep failing on installation
> proccess on my PC.
> thanks
> regards,
> Sanjiwana A
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> cartography and remote sensing
> faculty of geography
> gadjah mada university
> Indonesia
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