[ka-Map-users] Help required on grouping of layers and search + New Query

Deepa Thulasidasan deepatulsidasan at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jul 16 01:32:58 EST 2010

Thanks for the support. 
I also have a new query. I have satellite data with me. When i add this raster data as layer in my.map file I am able to view this image. It is a grey scale image. This there any way to increase the contrast in mapserver so that the image becomes more sharper.

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From: TC Haddad <tchaddad at gmail.com>
Subject: [ka-Map-users] Help required on grouping of layers and search
To: deepatulsidasan at yahoo.co.in
Date: Tuesday, 13 July, 2010, 2:01 AM

hi Deepa,

Regarding the number of layers being limited to 50 in Linux, this is almost certainly a question of your version of Mapserver, and should have nothing to do with ka-Map. Suggest you post that question to the Mapserver list (mapserver-users at lists.osgeo.org or subscribe at http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/mapserver-users) and tell them which version of Mapserver you are using with Windows vs. Linux. 

Regarding Search with GROUP enabled. What is the desired behaviour you want to have? Do you want to search a single LAYER, or are you trying to search across multiple layers in a GROUP? I'm not sure the second is possible. I don't have a Linux machine to test with so I can't confirm the problem, but searching a single LAYER that is part of GROUP does work on my machine (ka-map + windows).

It is possible that your search problem is also related to your mapserver version because the search relies on the version of PHP-Mapscript that comes with your Mapserver installation in order to function. Possibly there might be a difference in your PHP-Mapscript between your Windows and Linux machines.

sorry for nothing more precise, if you find the solution, post it back to the list for future users!


From: Deepa Thulasidasan <deepatulsidasan at yahoo.co.in>
Subject: [ka-Map-users] Help required on grouping of layers and search

Dear All,

In the map file search doesnot work  along with GROUP property in LINUX but works fine in windows. Please help on how to resolve this problem. When I commnet GROUP property it works fine. Secondly in LINUX it allows only 50 layers but in windows this is not a limitation.

I urgently require a solution for this. Please help!!!

Thanks in advance.


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