[ka-Map-users] ka-map 1.0 : unable to display tile

Stéphane Morel stephanemorel12 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 02:57:46 EST 2011

Hi Adam,
thanks for your answer. I found out the solution (Thanks to John Jackson).
The problem was linked to the php version used. Some functions' arguments
has changed (deprecated). I just removed the argument in the kamap's code
and now everything goes well.
Thanks for the advice about Openlayers and Tilecache.I know both but
setting up a kamap app is far more faster than developping app with OL and
tilecache. Without this PHP version problem, setting up an app with Ka-map
should take around half an hour. And, at least for me, it is not possible
to set up an app with OL in the same amount of time, I mean with all
included features.
But you 're right, it's the future..
Have a nice day

2011/11/29 Adam Eskreis <aeskreis at gmail.com>

> ka-Map is terrible and the project is dead.  I would suggest using another
> technology. I would recommend OpenLayers for your viewer with MapServer as
> your tile renderer, and TileCache to seed a cache.
> -Adam
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 5:51 AM, Stéphane Morel <stephanemorel12 at gmail.com
> > wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I'm currently dealing (fighting) with ka-map.I cant manage to display the
>> map in kaexplorer.
>> I already run
>> shp2img which gives me the requested image
>> init.php -> no errrors
>> the tiles are well created in the directory kacache/gmp....
>> I also tested the map in a web context without any problems....
>> in fact every thins runs smooth except I can't manage to have the content
>> of my mapfile in the kaexplorer window !!!
>> In Firefox, I also look at tools->web page information ->media. All tiles
>> are 0px x 0px size but in the kacache/gmap directory I can see the tile are
>> 256px x 256px.
>> Any hints will be really appreciate
>> Cheers
>> Stef
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