[Maplab-dev] Bug in MapLab 2.2 gMapFactory module

VILLOIN Franck DSIC BMS Franck.VILLOIN at interieur.gouv.fr
Mon Aug 23 05:19:56 EDT 2004

Hi list,

I installed the new version of MapLab 2.2 on my system.
When I open in MapEdit the old map (created by MapLab 2.1 rc3) and  use
gMapFactory the first time is good.
When I change the option and I click the Apply button I have the error.

Warning: [MapServer Error]: msLoadMap(): (//Rac//rac_fr.map) in
E:\MapLab\htdocs\gmapfactory\build_phtml.php on line 1301

Warning: Failed to open map file //Rac//rac_fr.map in
E:\MapLab\htdocs\gmapfactory\build_phtml.php on line 1301

Parse error: parse error, unexpected ')' in
E:\MapLab\projects\gmf_apps\test_franck\globprefs.php on line 46

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
E:\MapLab\projects\gmf_apps\test_franck\test_franck.php on line 51

After see the code sources off build_phtml.php, if I commente the lines 117
at 128

/*if (substr($http_form_vars['gszMapFile'], 0, 1) == "/" ||
    preg_match('/^(\w:)/', $http_form_vars['gszMapFile']))
    if (substr($http_form_vars["gszMapFile"], 0,
strlen($gszFileBrowserRoot)) == $gszFileBrowserRoot)
        $http_form_vars["gszMapFile"] =
"/".substr($http_form_vars["gszMapFile"], strlen($gszFileBrowserRoot));
        $gszFileBrowserRoot = '';
} */

and change the lines 130 at 133

if ( !drawGlobprefs( $http_form_vars["gszAppDir"]."globprefs.php", 
        $http_form_vars["gszAppDir"], $http_form_vars["gszWorkingDir"].
        "settings.php", $gszFileBrowserRoot.$http_form_vars["gszMapFile"],
        $oLog ) )

if ( !drawGlobprefs( $http_form_vars["gszAppDir"]."globprefs.php", 
        $http_form_vars["gszAppDir"], $http_form_vars["gszWorkingDir"].
/*$gszFileBrowserRoot.*/$http_form_vars["gszMapFile"], $gszMapscriptModule, 
        $oLog ) )

I have commented $gszFileBrowserRoot.

gMapFactory run very nice.

But I see the revision and I don't know this probleme
 * Revision  2004/07/21 13:17:00  zak
 * fixed map file path discovery problems when absolute path is outside file
browser root path
After my modifications this problem exist ???

best regards.


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