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------- Additional Comments From  2004-02-18 17:29 -------
1) Circle, Star, Triangle, X, Cross in the Style Layer Preview and Main Style
Preview the background color is black and not transparent (white).

* which preview?  The one in the classifier or the one in the symbolizer?  There
was a bug with this before but I think that was fixed.  Please verify with CVS
version that this still exists.  What layer type (assume polygon)?

2) Square: A square makes a solid fill no matter what Size the symbol is.
Shouldn't there be spaces between the squares? (this maybe a mapserver bug. but
I want to ask first before entering a bug about it).

I do not believe that there should be spaces between squares.  Squares don't
make for good fill patterns except a solid fill.  They are intended to be used
on points ... I do not think this is a bug.

3) When there are multiple layers to the style. the preview and applied Style is
the style found at the bottom of the layered styles. The problem is the layered
style does not merge the styles within a single map layer.

not sure what you mean by this ... please note that the order of the styles is
probably reversed from what you would expect, i.e. the one at the top of the
list is drawn first and then the others are drawn on top of it.  This means that
it is very possible to lose a style underneath another one.

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