[Maplab-dev] [Bug 231] [SECTStudio-Classifier] Feature Type Raster Classification not valid
Mon, 23 Feb 2004 20:19:09 -0500

------- Additional Comments From  2004-02-23 20:18 -------
um ... I think the issue is what to do with a given mapserver class when
generating the SLD document so that the local and remote treatment of the data
is consistent with what the user would expect.  It also has to reflect what we
are capable of representing in our end-user tool, Studio.

My interpretation is that for raster classification, every class should be
treated as a [field] >= value in Studio and then when generating ColorMap
entries for SLD, they can be created with a quantity that reflects the value in
the expression.  I think complex expressions and expressions that do not operate
on the classitem should be ignored or skipped as invalid (for SLD generation).

Studio will need slight modifications to support this, but it will be pretty minor.

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