[Maplab-dev] [Bug 213] [SECTStudio-Classifier] Adding Classes at button vs. top of list
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:11:30 -0500

------- Additional Comments From  2004-02-26 11:11 -------
I think that is a good idea, I have another suggestion. The order of the classes
of a single layer is only a problem, when you have one class that has no
expression. Meaning it will apply the style to everything vs. a second class
that has an expression and only styles a few of the total layer.

If the class with the expression is on the bottom of the class list it will be
overwritten by the class with no expression value defined.

My suggestion is that some how if the user has already built the style for the
no expression layer, than the new layer should be placed above this layer.

Just a thought.

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