[Maplab-dev] working with map lab

Zak James zak-ms at hoppsan.org
Mon Nov 1 08:42:13 EST 2004


Unfortunately there is not any developer documentation beyond the 
comments in the source code. Are you trying to extend an application 
generated by gmapfactory or add functionality to Mapedit or one of the 
other components?

If it is the former, you are probably better off moving to Chameleon 
(http://maptools.org/chameleon) which is more capable and is designed 
to be extended. It has much more extensive documentation and additional 
developer documentation is being created for an upcoming release.

Zak James
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group Inc.

On Nov 1, 2004, at 4:33 AM, Dara H. Bun wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am wondering if there is any documents that we can use to develop on
> maplab without have to go through code line by line, file by file to
> understand how maplab work? Well may be class diagram or something that
> help.
> I am pretty new to this, so please apologize if there is anything that 
> I
> should not ask for.
> Best regards,
> Dara
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