[Maplab-dev] [Bug 955] [MapLab] adding class item to layer (tutorial), map preview errors out

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------- Additional Comments From jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca  2005-02-17 18:24 -------
i can duplicate your exact errors.

note there are 2 bugs here: 

1) the file browsers (every one i tried) for the mapfile parameters return
invalid paths in the textbox (e.g. browse for a shapefile in a DATA parameter
and see the returned path)

2) there seems to be a problem with adding a CLASSITEM.  Any time i add a
CLASSITEM, either to an existing layer (in tutorial.map) or to a new layer...the
CLASSITEM will also get written to ANOTHER layer. 

I've attached the temp mapfile that MapLab is trying to load when we get the
reported errors.  Users add a new layer "capital", with a CLASSITEM and
EXPRESSION...and taking a look at the temp mapfile you can see that the
"land_fn" layer also mysteriously has the CLASSITEM and EXPRESSION...which
causes the error.

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