[Maplab-dev] [Bug 872] [MapLab] GMapFactory projection problem with ms 4.4-beta3

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Wed Feb 23 17:10:16 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca  2005-02-23 17:10 -------
Paul, Zak, Bill, we ran into this again and need some answers on this.

The following code from map_session.php can't work for the reasons explained in
comment #13 above. Can whoever wrote it please explain why this implode("\n",
split(...)) is there? If not then I'll take it out:

        // set the projection if not empty
        if ( isset($aszKeys["SRS"]) && $aszKeys["SRS"] != "" )
           // srs can contain "="
           $this->oMap->setprojection(implode( "\n", split( " ", $aszKeys["SRS"]
) ));

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