[maplab-users] Undefined Variables?

William A. Bronsema, C.E.T.
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 22:13:06 -0400

Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce your errors.  I agree with Paul, it
seems like it might be a configuration issue.  Can you please send me your
configuration files (maplab.xml, mapedit.xml, mapbrowser.xml, and
gmapfactory.xml)?  Also can you please tell me which version of php 4 you
are using?  There are known issues using versions < 4.2.1.


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Mattias, that looks like an incorrect setting in the maplab
configuration files or a permissions problem.  Can you confirm that you
have set the application path to c:\msapps\maplab-2.0rc2 and that the
data directory is writable by the web server user.

For GMapFactory, it is possible that this is a known error with this
version.  You can update to the rc3 development version, it is quite
stable now.  In the meantime, I'm going to ask Bill (also at DM
Solutions Group) to look into it.  I think it is also a configuration

Bill, the path for the gmapfactory error looks incorrect, can you please
respond to Mattias.



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