[maplab-users] projection questions.
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 14:28:48 -0400

I can't speak for the maplab specific pieces of your question, but in 
general the way Mapser works is:

1) the PROJECTION ... END section associated with the MAP object is 
used as the OUTPUT projection. It has the side effect of causing all 
layers that do NOT have a PROJECT ... END block defined in them to be 
assumed to be in the OUTPUT projection space.

2) For each layer, that is NOT already in the OUTPUT projection, you 
need to define what the layer's data is currently in.

3) If you are planning on reprojecting a raster layer on the fly 
(this is proably not a good thing to do), I think you want to do this 
using GDAL

4) It is better to reproject the raster and save it in the OUTPUT 
project format if you need to do this.

Hope this help's, I'll let the maplab developers address the rest of 
your questions/bugs and correct me if I got this part wrong :)


On 28 Aug 2002 at 13:55, Tweedy, Scott wrote:

> I have a couple of questions about projections in MapLab.  I have a few
> layers that are originally in different projections.  When I create a map
> file with one layer everything seems to be OK.  When I add another layer
> that's in a different projection as the first I get the following error:
> Fatal error: MapServer Error in msProcessProjection(): projection not named
> in E:\maplab-beta6\common\wrapper\map_session.php on line 721
> Once I get that error one time it persists until I close Netscape and
> restart MapLab.
> I also have a question about background layers.  I have a TIFF file with a
> .tfw world file, so technically, it has coordinates associated with it, but
> isn't georeferenced.  The coordinates that are associated with it match a
> Lambert projection.  I have a layer in UTM that I want to overlay on top of
> that raster.  Is there a way of defining a projection for the map, but not
> for that particular raster layer?  Everything I've tried so far hasn't
> worked.
> Thanks in advance,
> st
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