[maplab-users] maplab & mapserver 3.7-dev ?

Paul Spencer
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:23:23 -0500
Vincent, the current version of MapLab is not 3.7 compatible, but 
GMapFactory and MapBrowser will both work.  Unfortunately, MapEdit is 
not compatible and requires some work to support 3.7.  This is not 
planned for the near future.

The changes between 3.6 and 3.7 may not interfer with your gmapfactory 
apps, you should give it a try.  The most common problems will probably 
be with handling colours, we'll try to help you resolve them if you come 
across them.



Vincent Schut wrote:
> Hi all,
> some questions about maplab/mapserver compatibility:
> I presume maplab does not work with mapserver 3.7-dev ?
> Or is there a 'maplab for ms3.7-dev' version somewhere around?
> this not only because I'd really like to have 24 bit colour support but also 
> because some of the php-mapscript api will change between 3.6.x and 3.7 
> afaik, so probably I could not use my maplab apps with mapserver 3.7...?
> Thanks,
> Vincent Schut.
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