[maplab-users] legend template and default layer status

Stephen Woodbridge
Wed, 03 Jul 2002 15:41:51 -0400
I investigated a little more and it seem like the problem is cause by
something like this scenario:

1) in the legend template I turn off out-of-scale layers
2) this means that they do not show up in the layers[] form variable if
they are out of scale
3) so when the zoom in command changes scale to activate a layer it gets
added to the list, but because of the following code:

/* ====================================================================
 * Process the layer status.
 * ====================================================================
if ( $http_form_vars["NotFirstLoad"] )
    updateLayerStatus( $oMapSession->oMap, $http_form_vars );

it does not get turned on because it is not in the layers[] list and the
code is not smart enough to know that it is the first time that this
layer has been loaded.

Does this seem right?
Is there a patch or work-a-round to this problem?


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