[maplab-users] Error: MapScript Not Found - configuration problem?

Vincent Schut
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 11:46:33 +0200
Got things running - a bit. Now I stumbled into the following error: in the 
info window, after configuring all things 'properly', in the MapScript 
Information section, I get the following error: MapScript Not Found - 
configuration problem? However, later on it says that the mapscript extension 
was loaded correctly into php. I tried filling in the entire path to the 
extension instead of just in the config field for maplab, 
without any difference. Should I have (a copy of) mapscript in a special 
place to run maplab? Or is something else wrong?
All other values are OK (green crosses), except everything in the ms 
information section. The image types in this section (of course) also show a 
red cross.

System is mandrake linux, php 4.1.2 (as cgi), mapserver 3.6.

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