[maplab-users] configuration trouble

Adair, Mike
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 12:27:03 -0400
Hi Jeff,

Thanks.  Changed the path to maplab.xml to the full path (it was set as just
"maplab.xml") and it now seems to be working for me.  The strange thing is
that I could swear I had tried that except I was getting php errors about
opening some files.

Thanks for the help.


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Hi Mike,

I am testing on a Win2K-IIS machine as well.  In the configuration editor,
if I
don't change the parameter "maplab.xml path:" in the MapEdit tab and leave
it as
"MUST CHANGE" I get your problems - all icons greyed out except "Open Map
and the file browser opens to c:/.../common/file_browser.  Can you verify
you have set the maplab.xml path in the MapEdit tab?  Thanks.  In my case if
set the maplab.xml path to c:/msapps/maplab-2.0rc2/config/maplab.xml the
problems go away.


"Adair, Mike" wrote:
> Hi
> I'm having a little trouble getting MapLab configured correctly.  The
> symptoms are:
> - config Info reports all green checkmarks (except for GIF support)
> - when I try to do MapEdit, all buttons except "openMap" are greyed out
> - when I click on OpenMap, it points to the directory
> c:/maplab/common/file_browser, which isn't the directory I specified in
> config as file browser root ("c:\") and I can't browse the directory
> I am working on Win2k workstation with IIS.
> I suspect it is a permission problem but I am having trouble tracking it
> down.  Any ideas?
> Michael Adair
> Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
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> phone: (613)947-1342
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Jeff McKenna
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