[maplab-users] extremely minor bug

Vincent Schut
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:14:42 +0200
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in konqueror (not in mozilla), the number in the textbox after 'blue' in a =
map =0D
object of an open mapfile in mapedit is rendered different (bold or bigger)=
than 'red' and 'green'. Of course this is the least significant bug you can=
ever submit, but then, if anybody thinks so it will be never submitted and =
be =0D
there till the end of times...=0D
Viewing the generated html, the only difference i can find is that the red =
and =0D
green form elements have TYPE=3D'TEXT' while the blue one has TYPE=3D'TEXTB=
OX'. =0D
However, according to w3c the TEXTBOX attribute for TYPE does not exist.=0D
(type =3D text|password|checkbox|radio|submit|reset|file|hidden|image|butto=
n =0D
This attribute specifies the type of control to create. The default value f=
or =0D
this attribute is "text". See: =0D
Writing html-standards compliant code enables people to use whatever =0D
html-compliant browser, and might save developers a lot of testing on =0D
different browsers/platforms... Thus I thought it might be good to file eve=
n =0D
this 'bug' :-)=0D

Stichting BOS kleurt de wereld GROEN!=20
Kleur mee op


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