[maplab-users] Changing font in legend

William A. Bronsema, C.E.T.
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 07:45:21 -0400

>Can I change this font or delete this setting in MapLab?

Unfortunately there is no current setting in MapLab to globally change the fonts used in MapLab.  I'll add it to the list of possible enhancements.

> But I couldn't find defing meta tag's code in spite of deleting this in
>MapBroweser's phtmls & phps.
>Could you give any suggestion about this ?

The legends in MapLab are generated using legend templates.  The font tags that you are looking for are contained in those legend template files.  

For MapEdit the file is:

For MapBrowser the file is:

GMapFactory is handled a bit differently.  If the legend template is set in the mapfile, then that is the template file that will be used.  If it is not set or is invalid then the template will be created by GMapFactory using one of the following two files as a base:  
...htdocs/gmapfactory/templates/app_legend_template.html  or  ...htdocs/gmapfactory/templates/app_legend_template_grp.html

When GMapFactory creates a new project it will copy either of these two base files to the new project directory as "legend_template.html" depending if a grouped legend is required or not.  So you will need to update both of these base files in order for your GMapFactory projects to be produced with the correct font tags in their legend template.

I hope this helps.


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