[maplab-users] Can't display "Manage Servers"'s info in tutorial map

William A. Bronsema, C.E.T.
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 12:29:43 -0400

This is a known issue in MapLab.  To fix this problem you need to enable the
dbase extension in PHP.

To do that for a Windows PHP install, you need to edit you php.ini file to
include the following line:
Your windows installation of PHP should come with the php_dbase.dll by
For Linux you will need to compile PHP with the dbase extension option

There is a MapLab bug filed about this issue.

Hope this helps.


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Subject:	[maplab-users] Can't display  "Manage Servers"'s info  in tutorial


 I finished MapEdit in MapLab's tutorial manual using MapLab . I tried to
learn MapBrowser.
After Map and other infos were displayed in MapBrowser. I pushed  "Manage
Servers" button. But I couldn't  see any info in "Manage Servers" window,
although in Data Stores three sites were displayed.

 Could you tell me this situation?

 Best Regards.

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