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Kevin Flanders
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 18:53:26 -0400
Thanks Jeff....what are you still doing at work?


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(copied from a response I just sent to another user)

The problem is that you currently have to specify the layer TYPE before
accessing its CLASSITEM.  This has been filed as a bug and in the future we
prevent users from trying to acess CLASSITEM before setting the layer's TYPE
a javascript alert such as "The type of this layer is not set or hasn't been
saved. Please choose an
appropriate layer type for your data and click Apply Changes".


Kevin Flanders wrote:
> I am trying to add a layer in MapEdit, and clicking the Class Item
> option....but getting the following error:
> Warning: MapServer Error in loadLayer(): Layer type not set. in
> C:\msapps\maplab-2.0rc2\common\picker\shape_file_attr.php on line 123
> Fatal error: Failed to open map file c:/tmp/ in
> C:\msapps\maplab-2.0rc2\common\picker\shape_file_attr.php on line 123
> I get this sometimes, for certain shapefiles.  Any ideas?


Jeff McKenna
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