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William A. Bronsema, C.E.T.
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 08:02:30 -0400

There was a bug in both MapBrowser and GMapFactory that prevented them from
using the configuration settings for both the IMAGEPATH and IMAGEURL.  I
have fixed the problem for the next release.

If this is indeed your problem, you will have the following conditions:
1) Your mapfile does not have the IMAGEPATH and/or IMAGEURL properties set
in the WEB object.
2) The tmp_img_path and tmp_web_img_path properties are set and correct in
the MapLab configuration.  Note: tmp_img_path is the physical path to the
temp directory on the server and the tmp_web_img_path is the URL
corresponding to the tmp_img_path.
3) You can preview the mapfile in MapEdit but can't view the mapfile in
MapBrowser or GMapFactory.

I hope this helps.


William A. Bronsema, C.E.T.
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Thanks for the advice Paul

I changed the paths and now when I try and display the tutorial map in mab
browser I have blank images where the map and reference images should be. I
checked the /tmp directory and .map files have been written, and in /ms_tmp
.gif images have been written for the reference and map objects even though
I have tried changing the image type to png and even jpg. I am slightly
confused by this.. any further advice would be most welcomed.


Mark Balman

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