[maplab-users] Re: [mapserver-users] maplab - mapbrowser

Paul Spencer
Sat, 02 Nov 2002 08:37:41 -0500

you can address your maplab-specific questions to the mailing list and can join the list from the 
maplab page at

Can you provide me with the following information please:

maplab version
mapscript version
php version
web server and version
operating system
what you were doing when the timeout happened.

In general, I can say that the problem you experienced is not uncommon 
if you have a slow machine or an older maplab or php version. There were 
some significant performance optimizations in the latest maplab release. 
  You can get the latest version:


from the maplab site mentioned before.  Make sure to take the 'dev' version.

You will also need to have php 4.2.x (preferrably 4.2.3) and MapServer 
3.6.2 or 3.6.3 (perferrably 3.6.3)



Roman Meier wrote:
> Hi there
> I get an error when starting maplab - mapbrowser:
> <Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in ...
> treemenu.php on line 504.>
> (line-info is variable...)
> Thanks for help...bye...
> Roman

Paul Spencer
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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