[maplab-users] RE: [mapserver-users] How to get rid of stock credits

Thomas P. Colson
Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:05:24 -0500
By editing line 386 of "build_phtml.php" in the htdocs directory, one can change the default credits to NOT change everytime GMAP factory is opened. 
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MapLab specific questions can be posted the the maplab list. To 
subscribe see:

To answer your question though: You can get rid of that text by editing 
the html code for the page. The trick is that it is found in 
x_contents.php, where x is the name you gave your application. You can 
also modify other page elements in this file, like colours, fonts or 
even the layout, but I will include 2 major cautionary notes.

1. If you modify any code in this file and re-open the project in 
GMapFactory, your changes will be overwritten automatically by GMF. So 
if you delete the credit line using your favorite text editor, then open 
the project in GMF again the credit line will re-appear. This is the 
expected and desired behaviour of GMF. So go ahead and make changes, but 
it is best to make sure your application is finalized first. As long as 
you don't open the project in GMF again you should have no problems.

2. Unless you really know what you're doing you shouldn't edit anything 
inside the php code tags: <?php  ?>

I hope that answers your question.


Thomas P. Colson wrote:

>How to get rid of "this application was built using GMapFactory" credit at bottom of page?


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