[maplab-users] Peculiar MapLab Behaviour - continued (MapBrow ser)

Tweedy, Scott
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 10:16:23 -0500
OK, I modified the mapserv_36.xml document to add the TRANSPARENCY defintion
and everything was working great.  This morning I ran into another little
issue.  I was working in MapBrowser to add a WMS layer to my .map file.
When I added the WMS layer and saved the map file from MapBrowswer the
TRANSPARENCY was lost.  I can go back to MapEdit and add the value and save
the map and the transparency works, but if I save from MapBrowser the value
it lost again.

Thanks in advance,

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This is because your MapLab hasn't been configured to support the
TRANSPARENCY keyword yet.

You can easily define what keywords MapLab understands by editing the
appropriate XML file.  In your case this is most likely mapserv_36.xml in
the "config" directory ... The file you use is specified in mapedit.xml, the
configuration_file parameter.

Add this:


In the <LAYER> section of your mapserv_36.xml file ... This is what the last
few lines of mine looks like:


Once this is done, restart a new MapLab session, and your problem will go
away, you will now be able to use the TRANSPARENCY keyword in MapLab, and if
you add it manually, it won't delete it.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: [maplab-users] Peculiar MapLab Behaviour

I'm using MapLab version 2.0rc2
Windows NT
PHP version 4.2.2
MapScript 3.6

Recently I was informed that I could add a variable of TRANSPARENCY into
some of my LAYER definitions of my map file so that the resulting polygon
was translucent.  Very cool effect and exactly what we needed.  I added the
TRANSPARENCY definitions in an external text editor and saved the map file
and everything worked great.  A couple of days ago I opened the same map
file in MapLab and made totally unrelated changes to the map file.  When I
saved the map file the translucency of the polygons no longer appeared.

After testing it seems that MapLab automatically removes the TRANSPARENCY
definition in any map file once it's opened in MapLab.  If I add the
defintion in an external text editor it appears and works fine.  I can't
seem to be able to add it in MapLab at all even when I open the Edit Source
window and type it in.  When I save the map file the TRANSPARENCY definition
no longer appears in the source code.

Is this only a problem in the version of MapLab I'm using or is it a
behaviour that exists in all versions?  Are there other variables that
MapLab automatically deletes?

Thanks in advance,
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