[maplab-users] mapbrowser - zoom to active layer extend

Fred Warnock
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:13:27 -0500
Hello Bernd,

As far as I know the "zoom to active layer" button is working.  That 
being said however there are some issues related to it.  It depends on 
the extents of the layer to be defined properly on the server from which 
the layer is coming.  We have found that often a layer's extents are not 
set to the real bounding box of the features in the layer, but to 
arbitrary wales such as the extents of Quebec, Canada, North America, 
the World etc.  When that happens, this tool isn't very useful anymore.

If you try the tool with layers from the GMap Demo Server, I think 
you'll find that it works properly.

Now if there is a real problem with this tool that I'm not aware of, I'm 
sure to be corrected soon ;)


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