[maplab-users] problem with maplab-2.0rc3

Heiko Kehlenbrink
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:33:20 +0100
Hi all!

I try to get the query-highlite as mentioned in the mailinglist by using 
maplab-2.0rc3,  the developer version buildt date :  Thu Oct 31 15:29:23 
EST 2002.

Loading the mapfile in MapEdit :
ok in maplab-2.0rc2
ok in  maplab-2.0rc3

Starting GMapFactory :
ok in maplab-2.0rc2
Error Message  in  maplab-2.0rc3:

*Warning*: MapServer Error in msLoadMap(): 
on line *1274*

*Fatal error*: Failed to open map file 
on line *1274*

The File Permissions were set to 777 alover the maplab directory and 
subdirectorys (only to be sure ;-)  )

The Configuration is equal for maplab-2.0rc2 and maplab-2.0rc3 .

Any Help is very welcome...

Ps : The main problem for me is the missing query highlite .....

Best Regards


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