[maplab-users] ASSISTANCE

Daniel Morissette
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 19:28:04 -0500
René Viáncos wrote:
> What about with this Guy....this list have not these intentions and
> objetives...
> we need a moderator..............

Hmmm... I had not seen this one pass.  It must have been caught by our
ISP's anti-spam filter.  

I have restricted posting to the list to members only.  i.e. if the
"From:" address in your message is not the address that you used to
subscribe to the list then your message will be held for approval.  
Spammers very rarely take time to subscribe to a list, so hopefully that
will be enough and we won't have to moderate the list.

Sorry about this.

 Daniel Morissette     
 DM Solutions Group    

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