[maplab-users] Previewing again

Vic Kelson
Thu, 03 Apr 2003 13:30:16 -0500
Daniel -- thanks for the help!

Ugh - I've never coded PHP MapScript, so I never noticed it was a good 
old map file error. I fixed that problem and now I get this message in 
the preview window:

Warning: MapServer Error in msSaveImage(): GIF output is not available. 
in /opt/httpd/htdocs/maplab/htdocs/mapedit/preview.php(465) : eval()'d 
code on line 1

Fatal error: Failed writing image to /tmp/1049394417299871.gif in 
/opt/httpd/htdocs/maplab/htdocs/mapedit/preview.php(465) : eval()'d code 
on line 1

I have the image type set to PNG in the mapfile and also in the Maplab 
XML configuration. Why does the PHP script want to make a GIF? Did I 
build something improperly?

THANKS in advance!

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