[maplab-users] display classes in legend

Paul Spencer
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 16:42:19 -0400
Matt, you will have to learn about HTML Legend Template support provided 
by mapserver -

MapLab uses a couple of different legend templates depending on which 
application you are in.  In general, you should find a 
legend_template.html in each of MapBrowser and MapEdit.  For 
GMapFactory, there is one in the template directory that is used when 
creating a new application.  You can modify it to globally affect new 
applications, or you can modify the legend_template.html in the local 
project directory.

Appologies if any of the names are different but I think you get the idea ;)



Matt Doggett wrote:
> I have a polygon layer with several CLASS objects defined.  However, in
> the legend, there is only one item for the entire layer. Is there a way
> to get all the CLASS definitions to appear in the legend?
> Md
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