[maplab-users] PHP MapScript DLL QueryMap class?

Mike Leahy
Mon, 8 Dec 2003 14:26:29 -0500
Hello all,

I'm just curious if there's any way to set parameters for the QUERYMAP in a
map object using the PHP MapScript DLL (I'm using the 4.1 version right
now).  Basically that's the only component I can't figure out how to set
when I dynamically create a map object without a mapfile.  My workaround is
to create a temporary mapfile that has nothing but an empty MAP and the
QUERYMAP properties, then create a map object in PHP from that file.  After
that, everything else works great.  

I see there are PHP MapScript constants defined for the QueryMap object
(i.e. the Querymap styles), but there is no way to change anything in the
querymap.  This is not a particularly huge deal, as I already have a
workaround in my case, but it might be a little more efficient if a class
was defined that provided access to those parameters from a PHP script.  Is
this something we might see in later builds...or is there an undocumented
class or function that can be used?


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