[maplab-users] MapLab 2.0 RC 4

Paul Spencer
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 11:05:17 -0500

DM Solutions Group is pleased to announce that the next release 
candidate for MapLab 2.0 is ready for public consumption.  This release 
candidate fixes a number of known issues and resolves quite a few 
problems with using MapEdit on Windows.

We will be releasing the final version of MapLab 2.0 next week barring 
significant problems with this RC being found in the next few days.  If 
you are able to, please give it a work out and let us know if you run 
into problems.

You can obtain the latest version of MapLab from:

or through our main website (well worth a visit) at:

and then clicking on Developer Resources.

Thanks for everyone's feedback over the past few months (and patience too!).




Update Details:


x updated session handling code for better security and to work around 
the lack of session locking on Windows (this also resolved a number of 
MapEdit problems).

x updated logo to the new DM Solutions Group logo :)


x fixed an issue with opening projects that resulted in an error and 
apparently duplicated paths in the project path.


x fixed a problem with zooming out beyond the original extents of the 
map.  Note that zooming out is still affected by map minscale and maxscale.

x fixed a problem with the layer information dialog box

x fixed a problem with layer visibility not being updated correctly

x updated the WMS handling code to maintain more information about WMS 
servers and layers

x removed icons for file load/save and added a 'file menu' drop down box.

x added ability to load/save Map Context documents. (requires latest 


x fixed problem where clicking save without applying changes would miss 
some changes

x updated the file browser to work better on windows and to handle 
directory browsing better.  Also, added file filters to allow for 
filtering on basic file types.

x updated the save-as code to automatically append .map if you don't 
type it in the filename

x fixed a problem with copy/paste.

x most operations (promote/demote/clear/restore/delete) had problems on 
Windows due to the fact that sessions aren't locked, so these functions 
would sometimes work and sometimes not.  Now session locking ensures 
that each frame finishes it's task before the next frame loads.

x fixed a bug in the classitem selector that crashed PHP.  Note that the 
mapfile needs to be loaded by mapscript to generate the classitem 
selector so if the mapfile is in an invalid state it is still possible 
that this won't work.

x fixed a number of problems in the mapedit preview.

There were a number of minor improvements and bug fixes also.

Paul Spencer
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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