[maplab-users] MapLab RC5 released

Paul Spencer
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:03:28 -0500

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that provided feedback. 
Your help is very important in helping us improve the quality of the 
MapLab suite.

Based on prompt feedback received from early adopters of RC4, a number 
of issues were identified and have been solved.  These caused sufficient 
problems that they warrant another RC release.

Please download the latest RC from the MapLab website at:

As always, please provide feedback via the maplab-users list.




Issues that were fixed in this RC include:


x changed javascript references to "top.frames" to be relative using 
parent.  This allows MapLab to behave properly if embedded inside 
another frameset.

x tutorial map file updated to use PNG as GIF is not usually available 
on all platforms.


x when selecting a data path, the path would be absolute rather than 

x updated handling of the layer control in the preview to ensure that 
the template file is found

x updated the save method to make sure uncommitted changes are actually 

x potential problems in the shape file attribute picker and the symbol 
picker were resolved.

x fixed error in preview when a projection object was defined.


x in the pre-built WMS cached servers, servers are now distributed as 
disconnected to ensure that the tree is rebuilt properly on all client 

x added DataURL to the Layer Information dialog if available and fixed 
some typos in the Layer Information dialog.

Supporting Packages

x session management was updated for Windows to handle problems in 
multi-user environments

x session handling code was shipped in debug mode in RC4 which caused 
some problems if there was no c:\tmp directory on Windows.  Debug code 
has been disabled for RC5.

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