[maplab-users] embedded scalebar and MapBrowser

Daniel Morissette
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 08:12:26 -0500
Wolfgang Lahr wrote:
> Below is the relevant section of the mapfile that causes the error
> msg. There is no "QUERYONLY" keyword. Furthermore, I'm experiencing this problem in
> MapBrowser only. The file works fine on direct access via
> MapServer/PHPMapScript. If I comment out line 65 it works; it works as
> well if scalebar STATUS is ON or OFF. It is merely the STATUS EMBED that
> MapBrowser doesn't seem to like.

Duh!  I should have thought about it... we've run into this already but
I had forgotten.  This is due to a bug in MapServer (and MapScript) that
has been fixed after the 3.6.4 release in what will eventually become
the 3.6.5 release.  Unfortunately there are no Windows binaries
available with this fix yet since it has not been released yet, so your
best bet for now will be to avoid legends with STATUS EMBED in
combination with MapBrowser until 3.6.5 binaries are available (MapEdit
and GMapFactory should be fine).

 Daniel Morissette     
 DM Solutions Group    

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