[maplab-users] Import Layer icon

Paul Spencer
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:06:37 -0500
Scott, this icon is linked to a configuration option for mapedit called 
warehouse_mapfiles.  In this configuration item, you can specify the 
path to one or more mapfiles.  If you have specified at least one 
mapfile then this icon is enabled.  Clicking the icon will display a 
treemenu dialog with one main branch per mapfile.  Under the map branch 
will be a list of layers defined in the mapfile.  Clicking a layer will 
add the entire layer to the current mapfile.  Note that it will copy the 
layer 'as-is' and will not attempt to correct any differences in paths 
to the actual data source.

The intention of this feature is to allow you to create mapfiles that 
contain layers that you commonly use and to quickly re-use them in new 



Tweedy, Scott wrote:
> On the top bar of MapLab 2.0rc5 there is an icon beside the Add new item
> icon that has the popup message Import Layer.  The icon seems to be greyed
> out for every object I have in my Mapfile.  Is there something specific you
> have to do to activate it, or is it always inactive and only there for
> future releases?
> Thanks in advance,
> st
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