[maplab-users] WMS CLIENT CONNECTION support not available

Matt Doggett
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 09:04:37 -0800
Good morning and back to the daily Maplab grind! :)

Thanks for the tip!  There was a libmap.a file in /usr/local/lib.  I
removed it and behold, it worked!....except (hmmm, always an

So now I can add the WMS layer "Parks" from your demo server. But when I
try to display the layer, it draws a blank....nothing appears. Can't
find any error message either.

Also, the Parks layer has a hyperlink to the javascript function
openLayerInfo('GMap_WMS_Demo_Server-park'), however, the window that
opens contains a "File not Found! Error 400" and in the Apache error_log
the message:
File does not exist:

Sure enough the LayerInfo.phtml file does not exist anywhere in the
maplab distribution.


Matt Doggett
Spatial Climate Analysis Service
Oregon State University
316 Strand Ag Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

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> 1- You may have an old /usr/local/lib/libmap.a on your system and
> mapscript linked against it by accident.  If you do have one then
> it and recompile mapserver.  Make sure you do never 'make install' in
> the mapserver directory in the future.

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