[maplab-users] Limited length to layer connection string?

Daniel Morissette
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 18:04:51 -0500
Mike Leahy wrote:
> Daniel,
> It seems you are correct.  I have been saving the map files in temporary
> files for debugging purposes.  I wrote the following script to try out the
> mapfile with the long query string:
> 	$oRefMap=ms_newMapObj('d:/tmp/');
> 	$oImage = $oRefMap->draw();
> 	echo $oImage->saveWebImage;
> The same error happens.  I'm using MapScript 4.1 with the Mapserver that
> comes with it from the DM Solutions download site.

Can you try again with the following DLL that was built a few days ago:

> If it is a postgis driver problem, then is that something potentially
> fixable?

I hope so!  :D

However we may need help from the Refractions guys since they are the 
ones who know the PostGIS driver.  To help in tracking/fixing this, is 
there any way you could provide a complete testcase that reproduces the 
bug?  If you could file a bug in the MapServer bugzilla with a mapfile 
with a small postgis db that reproduces the bug then that would be 
great!  Please include me in the CC of the bug if you do that.

  Daniel Morissette     
  DM Solutions Group    

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