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Wed, 8 Oct 2003 07:33:28 -0700 (PDT)
Dear list,
I am using mapserver 4.0 beta2, apache 1.3.27, redhat
9.0, and postgres 7.3.3 with postgis extention. I
iniatially created a web application with Maplab 2.0
using shapefiles to start with. Switching to postgis
layers has been tricky. The layers show up and the
navigation tools work fine. Querying has been the
issue. I resolved it(but I don't think it is the
permanent solution) by commenting out the
$oLayer->close(); statement in the processQuery()
function. Now my query page pops up and everything
works fine...90 percent of the time. Occasionally,
everthing goes fine, then "loading map...please wait"
message dissappears and the map is tools,
nothing just white. If I hit the back button on the
browser the page returns to the previous map, and the
query tool works (sometimes). It appears to fail
randomly. I thought it might be the data, but there is
no consistancy with certain features failing. I have
indexed the table. Another interesting thing is it
always shows the query result page with the correct
results. The only part that fails is the map, and
drawmap.php utilizes the same functions as
query.phtml(map_query.php). I have scoured the code
and used the logs and print statements to try to track
down the point of failure. Please, if anyone can help
it would greatly be appreciated.

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