[maplab-users] No query results

Phil Shevlin
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:08:41 -0500
I am new to mapserver, but find it to be an outstanding application.

When using MapLab I can successfully build mapfiles.  However when I use the
Identify tool it opens a window that says:

The following layers did not return any results
(Then lists my two layers)

I have found one thread that talked about this, but did not answer the
problem.  I had been using MapServer 4.0, but downgraded to 3.6 - thinking
that was the problem.  But that did not work.

I am using:
MapServer 3.6.6
PHP 4.3.3
MapLab 2.0.1
OGR --> MapInfo .tab's

Phil Shevlin

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