[maplab-users] empty preview of tutorial map file

Christopher R. Thorne
Tue, 02 Sep 2003 09:35:31 -0400
The best way to deal with this problem is to look for error messages. 
There are a couple of places to look for them.

1) In MapEdit -> If there are problems with with loading the mapfile 
into mapedit usually errors will be logged in the top right corner of 
the page.
	- You can either copy the error displayed in a text editor so you can 
read it
         - If the error icon is displayed click the icon and a pop up 
will be presented to you.

2) Preview Page -> When trying to view your mapfile often errors will be 
displayed directly on the preview page.

*In your case*
3)Preview Page -> Sometimes depending on the root of your problems, 
errors will not be displayed. This does not mean that there is not an 
error to be found. Try and find an error within the source code of the 
blank preview page. Usually it is the longest line in the source code.

4)If you cannot find errors, please check your php.ini. It is possible 
that your configuration does not permit the display of your errors.

php.ini look for this parameter and set it to the following.

error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

Once you find the error message hopefully but not always will lead you 
to solving the problem. If the error message is not useful to you, post 
it on the mailing list and we will try and give you some further direction.


Bart van den Eijnden wrote:
> Hi list,
> today I have installed MapLab and I am already very impressed by it. 
> Looks really cool.I have Maplab version 2.0.1 and the latest mapscript 
> release (4.0).
> When I follow the tutorial and open the mapfile, and after that press 
> the preview button, I do not get a map in the preview window.
> The url which appears in the IE window is:
> http://localhost/maplab/htdocs/mapedit/preview.phtml?sid=3f50bbc21f88f&PrevStateKey= 
> How can I debug this problem, or does anybody have a clue what could be 
> the problem?
> I just downloaded the last dev version of maplab, but now the preview 
> which is built into mapedit takes forever to load. Manually pressing the 
> preview button still results in an empty preview.
> Thanks,
> Bart
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