[maplab-users] Refresh of the map with query button

Paul Spencer
Sun, 07 Sep 2003 15:55:51 -0400

it is probably possible but not something we have actually tried to do 
with GMapFactory applications.  You should check the ROSA documentation 
on  I would try adding:


and writing a javascript function that would popup a query page directly 
rather than submit the page.

It is likely possible to have it popup the existing query page but the 
trick would be to pass the query location and session id in the correct 
way.  You will have to jump into the code and see what it does if you 
use the existing query page.

If you ge tthis to work, please let me know and I will incorporate the 
change into an upcoming release of MapLab.



Paolo wrote:

>a question about a GMap application with rosa applet:
>is it possible to avoid refresh of the map (or refresh of the entire page) when I use the query button in order to display data in a separate windows. In other words I'd like the query button open the new database windows without reloading the map in the applet area.
>I tried changing TB_BUT_QUERY_INPUT  parameter (submit) but I don't know how to operate and if I have to change php code in other files.
>Thanks in advance.

Paul Spencer
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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