[maplab-users] Segfault when working with raster data (GeoTIFF)

Daniel Morissette
Mon, 05 Apr 2004 11:43:38 -0400
Dan Boitnott wrote:
> I get a Segmentation Fault when I use a GeoTIFF layer.  I tried my own 
> code and then some from the tutorial.  Here's my configure command:
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/mapserver --with-php=/usr/include/php/main 
> --with-gd --enable-force-freetype1 --with-proj=/opt/proj 
> --with-wmsclient --with-gdal=/opt/gdal/bin/gdal-config --with-jpeg 
> --with-zlib --with-png --with-xpm --with-libiconv --with-tiff 
> --with-ogr=/opt/gdal/bin/gdal-config

Try configuring your mapserver using --without-tiff ... GDAL already 
comes with its builtin version of libtiff, so by forcing --with-tiff as 
you did, you may end up with two different veersions of libtiff loaded 
in memory, and that could very well explain this crash.

  Daniel Morissette     
  DM Solutions Group    

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