[maplab-users] A web page in GMapFactory is not HTML-compliant

Gino Lucrezi gino-maplab at lucrezi.net
Wed Apr 14 09:18:16 EDT 2004

When one creates a web application using GMapFactory the main phtml file is not totally compliant with the latest HTML specifications (HTML 4.01)

Aside from many minor details, I noticed this issue: the main form is opened with this tag:

<form name="main">

However, the 4.01 specs for HTML (and the 4.0 ones before them) say that the action attribute is required.
Older specs (3.2 and 2.0) stated that it was optional, and defaulted to the same URL of the file containing it, but starting from 4.0 it is required.

For this reason, GMapFactory-generated files should add the action attribute.

It is not a minor quirk.
While MS Internet Explorer 6 will gladly accept a FORM tag without the action attribute, this is not true of all browsers.

For example, we tried browsing a GMapFactory application with a Compaq palmtop which has a version of IE identifying itself as 3.02 which will have problems with a form tag missing the action attribute.

It shouldn't be too difficult for GMapFactory to generate correctly the FORM tag in the main phtml file; MapEdit already does it.

I'm reporting the bug here on the list because the bugs page on http://www.maptools.org/maplab/index.phtml?page=bugs.html doesn't yet give access to bugzilla.

Gino Lucrezi

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