[maplab-users] Connecting Attribute Data

charley cheng chengcharlie2003 at yahoo.ca
Wed Aug 18 23:21:45 EDT 2004

Hi! Isaac,
If you used the tutorial data and tutorial.map, in tutorial.map, cities class of  layer popplace should get template value, which is ttt_query.html. The template value can also be any value such as  ttt or query.html or......
On your final map, click the i button, then draw a rectangle or square shape around the popplace ( the symbol on the map is star), the query.phtml page will be opened. The attribute data of this popplace will be showed in query.phtml.
If you used i button to click on popplace, the query.phtml will return "The following layer did not return any result".
I met the same problem before and hope it is the same problem.
Thank you!

ISAAC KWADWO NTI <ikeivy2000 at hotmail.com> wrote:

I have installed Maplab and it is running perfectly.It is a very good tool to use.My map is working but when I do any query I dont see the attribute data.I tried with the tutorial data too I was not finding any data in the query.Could anyone help me in rectifying this problem?.

Thank you all very much hoping to hear from you.

Isaac Kwadwo Nti
Kaiser Str.19,
76131 Karlsruhe
Home Tel: +497213529267
Mobile    : +491798846336

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