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Mon Aug 30 11:09:55 EDT 2004

Hi Charley,
(I had to send this twice, because the maplab list bounced the first 
message back to me)

Thanks for your help.  Unfortunately, I do not have the function working 
yet, but I feel I am close. 
In your posting, are the characters "==" and "||" valid php syntax?
Also, your posting is just a portion of your query.phtml file right?  Or 
is that your entire query.phtml file?

Below is my code, for the areas where I describe my columns of the 
attribute table.   Do you see any thing that appears incorrect?
The URL (with photo name) to my jpegs is contained in the column 
"MS_PATH", the column "photo" contains only the photo name.

// loop and use key for titles
            foreach ($aRows[0] as $key => $value)
                        //***********ADDED FOR HYPERLINK
                        if (strcasecmp($key, "Long_DD") = "Long_DD";
                         strcasecmp($key, "Lat_DD") = "Lat_DD";
                         strcasecmp($key, "photo") = "photo";
                         strcasecmp($key, "MS_PATH") = "MS_PATH")
                $szReturnValue .= "<td bgcolor=\"E2EFF5\"><font 
face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\">".$key."</font></td>\n";


//Look for the attribute value in column of Job_no, location, siteplan and 
                if (strcasecmp($key, "Long_DD") = "Long_DD";
                    strcasecmp($key, "Lat_DD") = "Lat_DD" )
                {$szReturnValue .= "<td bgcolor=\"#ffffff\"><font 
face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\">". 

                else if (strcasecmp($key, "photo") = "photo";
                        strcasecmp($key, "MS_PATH") = "MS_PATH" )
                        //$xCell is the attribute value in URL format such 
as http://localhost/test/test.pdf
                {$szReturnValue .= "<td bgcolor=\"#ffffff\"> <a 
href=\"".$xCell."\"> Click here to document</a></td>\n";} 
                $szReturnValue .= "</tr>\n";




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