[maplab-users] Question

Christopher R. Thorne
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 08:58:20 -0500
Good morning Anton,
MapServer needs a class defined for each unique cartographic feature you 
wish to display. Meaning, there is no random colour class Object 
feature.  Unfortunately you are stuck creating each class for

So, if you have many Bus Stops points in your layer it will be very 
difficult to do. Also MapServer has a configuration default setting of  
a maximum 50 can be found in one Layer.  but you can get around this by 
creating another layer and continuing your classes.

Sorry if I did not have better news, but if any one else on the mailing 
list has a better idea. let us know.


Anton wrote:

>There is a layer named "Bus Stops" (type: Point). I need to set
>different colors for each stop. Can points of only one class (of one
>layer) have different colors?
>Sorry for bad english :)
>Best regards,
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