[maplab-users] No map in GMapFactory

charley cheng chengcharlie2003 at yahoo.ca
Thu Jul 8 14:49:32 EDT 2004

Hi! Dear lists,
I am now using MS4W with Maplab-2.1 in windowXp
The tutorial with Maplab-2.1 works fine. However, when I worked on my own data,  the map is empty in GMapfactory although map were showed well in preview of mapedit and mapbroswer. There is no error messsage as well and lengend, reference map looks good in GMapfactory.
Can anyone give a hint how to find the problem?
Second question:  there is no projection object in turtorial.map, but it works fine. For my own data, if I did not create project object for map and for each layer, the preview would not work.
Third question: Are there a easy way to find epsg code for each projection?
Thank you and have a nice weekend!

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