[maplab-users] map scale problem in maplab

charley cheng chengcharlie2003 at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 19 15:53:32 EDT 2004

Hi! Dear lists,
I finally get maplab work on IIS. It looks great, thanks.
There are few  problem I need help again. My map scale is not correct and the number under the scale bar is also incorrect. The scale is much less than the real one, for example, my map scale should be about 1:1000000, the map scale on the maplab was about only 1:50000. I guess that some parameter in mapedit might be wrong. Does anyone experience the same problem? It would be very appreciated if you can give some suggestion.
By the way, I need query the attribute table for each layer, it seems that I have to write template html for each layer myself and the template html will receive CGI varible in attribute table for this layer. However, in my project, there are many layers overlayed together,  how can I select the target layer and return the html template for this layer only after click it. 
Thank you very much!

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