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charley cheng chengcharlie2003 at yahoo.ca
Thu Jul 22 13:38:10 EDT 2004

Hi! Dear lists,
The maplab i button (query) does not work. According to the previous forum from Jeff Mckenna (see below), I put the template html with path or attribute value in DBF or ttt only in the template seting in mapedit. The return html is same, " the following layers did not return any results:---- plus all name of layer---".
If I want to query dbf information in maplab, how I made the  i button work? In other word, how to set template parameter in mapedit?
Some previous forum mentioned the query template does not work in maplab and the only way is to modify query.phtml in GMf_apps. Is it true?
Thank you very much!!
Just a note: you can put the value for TEMPLATE in either the CLASS or 
LAYER object. If you only have one class there will be no difference. If 
you have more than one class and you want all classes to return results, 
put the TEMPLATE value in the LAYER object. If you have more than one 
class you will need to put a value for TEMPLATE in each class you want 
queried. That way you can prevent certain classes from being queried if 
you want.

Jeff McKenna wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> Yes it is possible to query the dbf files of shapefiles using MapLab. 
> Simply add a TEMPLATE in the CLASS object of the layer that you want 
> to query.  MapLab looks for the word "TEMPLATE" in the class object.  
> The template value can be anything, the file does not exist so just 
> make up something. e.g.:
>     NAME "oceans"
>     DATA "ocean75m"
>     CLASS
>       COLOR 0 0 200
>       TEMPLATE "ttt"
>     END
>   END
> obviously "ttt" is not a valid file, but MapLab just looks for the 
> presence of TEMPLATE in the CLASS object.  Hope this helps.
> By the way, any further MapLab questions should be sent to the MapLab 
> user list (http://lists.dmsolutions.ca/mailman/listinfo/maplab-users) 
> so that developers and other MapLab users can help you.  Thanks.
> Jeff

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