[maplab-users] PhpMapScript- setExtent problem - URGENT

Swapan Mazumdar swapan at dataworld.co.za
Thu Jun 24 06:28:36 EDT 2004

I am trying to implement zoom to feature. Infact I can easily do that.
But the problem is the zoom to (Polygon feature) fits the map extent
full and no breathing space is left around it. How can I implement this.
Pl. look at the code:


$shpObject = $layerObj->getShape(-1,
intval($http_form_vars["searchIndex"]));       //returns chape object

$rect = $shpObject->bounds; //returns enclosing rectangle

$oMap->setExtent($rect->minx, $rect->miny, $rect->maxx, $rect->maxy); //


What calculations are needed to zoom out by 10%. Unfortunately map
object's nZoomFactor doesn't take values in fractions. 

Your quick pointers will help me a lot, its kindda urgent.



Swapan Mazumdar

Durban, South Africa

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