[maplab-users] File extensions

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Thu Jun 24 19:40:13 EDT 2004


Been having a problem with getting a raster image to work properly after
adding it to the map file via mapedit. I kept getting PHP errors on the
top of the page.

I tried a number of things and didn't get it to work until I edited the
map file by adding .tif to the raster image listed. Mapedit isnt saving
the extension of the selected file to the map file. This seems to work
with shp files no problem, but apparently a problem with tif's.

What is the general scoop on this? Should I be editing my map file and
putting .shp extensions on everything as well? Is there a way to make
mapedit save the extension always instead of me having to go edit it?

Also on a somewhat related note I noticed that Mapedit stores the path
information in the DATA attribute for each layer. I assume this isnt
necessary since I have the path information in the shapepath attribute?
I noticed the tutorial doesn't have paths, just the file name.



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